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Wednesday Words {cooking}

This post doesn't have much to do with quilting but I'm so excited about our summer meals that I just had to share!
I stumbled upon Freezer Cooking on Pinterest when I was supposed to be making out my grocery list. I started reading about the concept and looked at lots of recipes and decided to give it a try.
I work full time and so does Steve. And considering that it's hotter than heck around here, the last thing that I really want to do is fire up the stove or oven when we get home from work. So that left us with easy food {not super healthy} or going out to dinner {not very cheap}.
Basically, the concept is that you buy your ingredients, combine them and freeze them to be cooked throughout the month. This blog does a wonderful job of explaining the process and recipes so I'll leave that part to the experts {there are lots of other blogs as well}.

It took me a few hours on Sunday to cut all the vegetables and meat and then assemble the bags. Two hours of work for 10 meals in the freezer isn't bad at all. Which leaves plenty of time for a summer beer. Cheers!
Monday night we came home to beef tips ready to eat over brown rice {made in my new rice cooker that I'm completely obsessed with}. Tuesday night we came home to sausage {chicken} & peppers. Tonight... chicken teriyaki.

All three of these recipes can be found here .

Everything is made from scratch with the exception of the organic beef/chicken broth but those are still nasty preservative-free. This way, I can control the amount of salt, seasonings, and ingredients in our food which makes me really happy. :)
Plus, the first two meals have both made more than enough for Steve and me to have lunch the next day.
I'm pretty much sold on this process and other than the cheap freezer bags that I bought and my scary vegetable chopping techniques, Steve is a fan as well.

Now if I can just will myself into liking cottage cheese because it's healthy! Cute Pyrex helps but it doesn't make it taste great. It also doesn't help when I'm eating that for dessert while watching Steve eat an ice cream sandwich. ;)

So I take back what I said at the beginning about this post not having anything to do with quilting because less time in the kitchen = more time sewing!

PS... today is the last day to enter the giveaway for the Coquette jelly roll. The post will close tonight at 11:59 PM CST.

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