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You've Got Mail!

I totally had a movie moment at the mailbox on Saturday!

I've been anxiously awaiting my quilt from the Modify Tradition swap and my emotions ranged from hopeful anticipation to the dread of wondering if my partner was going to be a no-show {that's the optimist in me LOL}.

So I opened my mailbox and I immediately saw the return address on a big envelope. I've made friends with a lot of awesome bloggers so I instantly recognized her name. I read her blog regularly and I had been on earlier in the week and ooohing and ahhhhing over her quilt for the swap. She has wonderful taste and a real knack for personalizing quilts and letting them tell a story with selvages.

I rushed inside and tore open the envelope still in disbelief but there it was. And to quote the movie I said, "I wanted it to be you!" And it was. Especially for me...

The quilt is just beautiful. So personalized...

My state flower...

My name {no, not "Fabricholic"} "Jennifer"

My drinks of choice...

Where Cindy is from {and my hubby too!}

Cindy calling me dumb... oh wait, that's just the super cute selvage talking... ;)

The machine quilting fits perfectly with the design. The hand quilting is just beautiful; perfect stitches in purl cotton. The binding is flawless and hand stitched to the back. And to top it off, a personalized label!

I was planning on hanging this in my sewing room but I've decided that this is going to have a much more prominent place in our home. Thank you so much, Cindy! This quilt is a treasure and you are just the best!!

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