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Go, Fetch! Quilt

Have you ever been to a couples baby shower? If not, I highly recommend it. They had beer. And the guys were there... which always makes things more fun.
Fun like when your quilt is unwrapped and your husband lets everyone one know that the unofficial name of the quilt is Balls to the Wall. Awesome. ;)

But considering that half the room was made up of aviation people that work with Steve and balls to the wall actually originates from an aviation term, it was all good. And the absolute best part... mom and dad-to-be loved the quilt. :)

The details of the quilt... it measures 48" x 48". I free motioned quilted it with a meandering pattern; I really like quilting baby quilts like this because I feel like the quilting will hold up well to lots of washings.

The fabrics are Laurie Wisbrun's line, Pooches & Pickups purchased from Fat Quarter Shop. This has got to be one of my all time favorite lines for a boy! And the woodgrain fabric... I honestly cannot remember who made it or where I purchased it {a sure sign that I might have too much fabric!}

I bound it with the blue and green dots from Denyse Schmidt's new line and backed it with a really fun vintage linen. I also did the binding completely by machine because I feel like it makes the quilt very durable.

The official name is Go, Fetch! But BTTW will always hold a special place in my heart...
And in other good news, this is the first quilt I've finished in quite some time and I think I just might have my quilting mojo back. :) I have lots to start crossing off my list and I am so thankful that I'm finally feeling up to it!

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