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built ins...

custom made bookshelves/built ins... *

Our first night in our apartment, in an old house nearly 14 years ago, my husband and I both had boxes to unpack...

no joke, my husband had twice as much as me...

he was removing skulls... teeth... found artifacts... animal skins... rocks

and me? what was I unpacking??

I had ever since I can remember gathered sea shells by the sea shore... rocks (lots and lots of rocks)... bird's nests and other found objects from hiking and such... not to mention books... we didn't know we had this in common!

that is actually what started my interest in the 'museum room'

and now, it's not strictly in the sunroom, but has made it's way to these bookshelves...

a beaver skull I believe... talk about 'organic art'

isn't that the greatest thing about decorating?
you can move and rearrange to your heart's content!!!

a vintage glass lamp with a clean new shade rests atop a seashell hot pad found at a second hand shop...

after posting these pictures, I can see I'll be rearranging again! like removing that little lighthouse and small grouping on the bottom there — the marble urn/book/candle -
what a great way to test out your decorating... through your lens!
built-ins were custom made by my oh-so-talented and charming husband — it is bead board on the back, black walnut tops and double crown on the top

~Enjoy your weekend~


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